Television | Commercials | Music Video

TV shows aren’t just TV shows anymore. Productions are also made for cable networks, independents, and web-based production companies. In all cases, they may go one season or many seasons. Commercials are now produced for web-based delivery just as much as they are for television – although the budgets are significantly different!

New scripts can come every 8-10 days for an hour long show, but commercial scripts are tiny in comparison. Music videos may or may not be scripted, yet they all have storyboards.

Bringing characters to life is what guides the look I develop. While I always start with natural beauty, the storyboards will tell me if avant garde or special effects are required. Then I collaborate with the line producer to work through planning the details prior to the shoot.

In all cases, creating the flawless look required for television display is a must. My work has included independent television productions, television series, and commercials. I love working with a team over a period of time, especially when I can come back season after season because it gives me an exciting, professional experience.