Weddings | Red Carpet | Formals

Parties! Who doesn’t love them? And who doesn’t want to look drop dead gorgeous when it’s their turn to walk down the aisle? No one! What’s required is a beautiful dress, a big smile, and makeup that perfectly complements your skin tone, highlights your eyes, and gives you a fresh, dewy look. Face, decollete, upper arms, and back may all be considerations depending upon the style of dress for the occasion, ensuring that there are no undesired changes in skin tone between your face and your outfit.

The best way to approach your big day is to meet and plan the look you want. We’ll evaluate your hair and eye color, skin tones, clothing style, and colors before testing a few looks to get it just right. Then, we’ll photograph it. When the big day arrives, we’ll recreate the look you want so you’re picture perfect.