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Print photography is a team effort involving the production team, the photographer, the model, and the makeup artist. Things I consider:

  • How many subjects will there be?
  • How many different looks do I need to create?
  • Are we using natural or studio lighting?
  • Will this be a daytime or nighttime shoot?
  • What is the inspiration behind the work you want?
  • Is this personal or a commercial project?
  • What is the photographer’s style of shooting?

I also consider the art direction, the medium, the location, and the lighting for the upcoming shoot.

Depending upon the lead time, I am available to meet with the production team, photographer, and/or art director to discuss what the theme and creative inspiration is for the upcoming shoot. Are we going with a natural look? Is it an avant garde project? Does it require special effects? Is it all of the above?

Fashion shoots and runway shows may be natural, avant garde, or a combination of the two. I work with the designer and makeup team to create a look that will withstand the lights. I also consider the post-production image processing because recognizing the process is important to create a successful outcome.

The glare and heat of runway lights work the same as they do on a theater stage. They’re hot, cause tons of perspiration, and wash color out of makeup. During a runway shoot, the job at hand is to create a look that fits with the designer’s vision, work with makeup that is already on an existing modeling team, and flow through the look sheet for the day.

I can work with sponsor provided products and lines or provide my own selections. In all cases, I like to be aware of any skin issues or allergies with my models before creating their look. I have learned that if a model is uncomfortable with her makeup, then the photos won’t turn out like they should – and my goal is for every shoot to be a success, every time.