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Lights, Camera, Makeup!

Makeup is an all-day job. While crafting the actor’s look at the beginning of the day is important, maintaining that look throughout the day and production is equally critical. Most of my production time is spent watching the monitors in the video village, analyzing whether I need to go in and touch up the actor’s makeup or hair to ensure consistency and an optimal look.

This is where lighting and camera choices are also critical. Adjustments may need to be made throughout the day to ensure that the makeup look created is actually being read and recorded properly by the camera crew. Scenes are not necessarily shot in chronological order.  Depending upon the show, a script can be one day of shooting, but involve several wardrobe changes as well as go through the works. During the shoot, I look to what wardrobe they are wearing to guide me as well as the time of day and period for that particular look. Continuity and authenticity are key.