Makeup is an evolving art

It’s used to create a particular look, evoke an emotional response, or create a character unknown in this universe. Makeup can transform an actor or model, or enhance natural beauty just in time for a red carpet event.

It’s also part science; requiring that I not only consider the subject I’m working on and their particular needs, but also the types of equipment necessary and the overall setting to craft my production plan.

Much of my skill as a makeup artist is derived from the time I spent in theater: organizing, planning, and orchestrating scripts, actors, and stagehands. I take the same thoughtful approach while planning my work now; reading scripts, talking to the production team for their direction, and researching who I will be working with as well as what will be required.

Makeup is not the only factor involved in my planning

Makeup types and lines have evolved – creating new options that give the wearer a better natural experience, particularly when sensitive skin is involved. Actors now request organic makeup products regularly to protect their skin, but skill is required when applying it in order for cameras to “read” it correctly. Generally, on camera, less is more to prevent cakey and dry looks. I am exceptionally comfortable in creating natural looks with organic makeup types on set.

Camera type and lighting play a huge role in how my subjects look on screen, so it is important to have a thorough understanding of what types of equipment will be used. With this understanding, I can make any adjustment to my plan to ensure that the actor, director, and audience all have an outstanding experience.

Every camera brand “reads” makeup differently. Special effects makeup projects need to factor in the type of cameras to ensure that they’ll be read properly. Makeup colors, types, and usage levels all require adjustment to ensure a perfect result.

The type of lighting chosen is also important. Sometimes the technique and/or types of products used need to be adjusted to withstand set conditions.

Whether I am serving as department head, key hair and makeup, or special effects only, I approach each project with enthusiasm and determination to create a joyful, quality experience that I am proud of and that contributes to a successful production.