Experimental, bold, daring, creative, and fun!

Whether classic or colorful, avant garde looks can be bold, daring, and dramatic, all depending upon the wearer’s point of view. Mostly seen on runways or in magazines, avant garde looks range from subtle to outrageous, creating a look that evokes fantasy, individualism, and timelessness.

Musicians are also famous for their avant garde looks – from KISS and David Bowie, to Lady Gaga, Elton John, and Marilyn Manson. Avant garde has been used to define or create personas that allow an artist to transform him- or her- self into someone completely new.

As a makeup artist, I find avant garde to be a creative adventure. Whether I’m crafting cartoon characters, 80’s avant garde, or traditional avant garde, the creation of looks that redefine a person is an authentic, joyful, and experimental process every time.